Specialist Support Coordination

Reach Positive Outcomes Through Upscale Care Specialist Support Coordination

At Upscale Care, we ensure you have the best Specialist COS to work alongside you in achieving your unique NDIS goals in a complex environment. 

What is Specialist Support Coordination?

Specialist Support Coordination is an NDIS-funded service designed to support participants at high-risk levels or those who have additional complexities including but not limited to health, mental health, criminogenic, complex behavioral needs. It is a more intensive type of support focused on addressing highly complex barriers, developing resilience in the support network, improving performance and managing risk. 

While NDIS support coordinators will help you build your skills and implement supports in your NDIS plan, a specialist support coordinator (NDIS) can develop an intervention plan for staff members to follow.

Specialist Support Coordination at Upscale Care

 Here at Upscale Care, our team is composed of specialist support coordinators (NDIS) from various allied qualifications and skill areas, including social workers, psychologists, rehab counsellors and other allied health disciplines. 

We know that every person’s complexities are different, so everyone’s NDIS journey is unique. Often times we work with clients who require an innovative approach and have not responded well to traditional treatments. We ensure that we can offer you quality NDIS specialist support coordination services. We also do our best to assist you in consistent delivery of support even during crises situations. You can expect that we will work with you through the hard things and walk alongside you in achieving your unique NDIS goals. Our principles, mission and values are clear we encourage you to look at these. We remain impartial in our approach and act in the best interest of the clients we serve

How Is Upscale Care Specialist Support Coordinators Unique?

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